Can My Dinghy Battery Sit On Its Side When I Lift It on the Davits?


I am installing an electric start OB on a 10 ft Avon dinghy.   My intent is to install a battery box (mounted to the dinghy floor) under the open seat of the dinghy.  My dinghy is stored on a Seawise davit so therefore the battery will be laying on its side for most of the time. Any suggestion on battery type;  needs 35 AH and minimum 270 Amps CCA. - Ken


Great question, considering that your tender battery will sometimes be on its side, I suggest you consider an AGM battery, unlike flooded lead acid batteries, an AGM battery will not leak when installed sideways. Probably a GR24 AGM battery will do. Try to purchase an AGM battery that is designed for engine starts. - Jeff