Can I Use a DC-to-DC Converter to Power My Laptop and LED TV Without Using an Inverter?


Regarding a 19V power bus. I would like to power my laptop and my Samsung LED TV without using an inverter. What is the best way of doing it? There is a way to get an individual 12V adapter for each device, but what will it take to have a permanent 19V power bus? Are there any out of the box solutions? The key part of the question is that TV power adapter is showing 19V output while laptop is showing 19.5V output, is a half volt difference critical in this case? Total output of that bus should be around 200W to allow running both at same time. - Sergey


I cannot speak for the voltage tolerance of the laptop needing 19.5 VDC. Most 12 VDC appliances, will take a voltage range of at least a volt or more on either direction. The laptop AC to DC converter, might not be spec’d for such voltage fluctuations. I’m not aware of any blackbox DC to DC converters that output 19 VDC. In the marine market, we simply use a small and efficient true-sine wave inverter to get the job done. - Jeff