Can I Split My Battery Bank Into Two Locations?


Hi Jeff.  You have stated in some of your videos that house banks should be co-located. This has many obvious advantages that I understand. However in my plans, due to large capacity needs and small spaces available, I am planning to have a house bank that is split on opposite sides of the boat. I believe through research that I shouldn't have two separate house banks, but instead will wire both sets of batteries together in one large (but split in actual location) bank. My question is how do I wire that to ensure the two groups draw down and charge together? - Christopher


Ok, use large wiring between the battery banks, like 2/0 or even 4/0 depending on the size. Also, fusing the positive wire connecting both banks at both ends of the wire. Lastly having the positive loads come from one battery bank and the negative wire come from the other end of the battery bank, basically you want both banks to evenly charge and discharge.- Jeff

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