Can I Install the Battery Next to the Windlass?


Hello Jeff, I love your videos and I've even bought a bag to support your channel. I'm adding a Lofrans Tigres Windlass 1200w 12V, (20 year old NOS) - can I mount the battery near the unit to shorten the cables? I have a Victron ArgoFet Isolator with three outputs and plan to have a dedicated charger as well. I haven't purchased the batteries yet, currently running house and engine on lead acid and plan to upgrade over time. Any thoughts? Trying to keep the project affordable.  Thanks! - Wes


Thanks for reaching out and for your support of PYS, always glad to assist a fellow boater.  Totally feasible to mount the battery closer to the windlass, it helps keep cable size and costs down. Couple of key points to consider:

  • Make sure the location is secure and dry
  • Remember to fuse all leads not just the windlass ie. Argofet connection and charger connection
  • The battery negative should be connected to the main battery negative system but on the load side of the shunt (if you have one)

Good luck with the projects aboard S/V Stoic and happy sailing.

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