Can I Create a Heavy Duty Common Ground With Serial Busbars?


Love your videos and I am a YouTube subscriber. I am rewiring my Moody 38 and have a question relatint to the negative ground.  Can I create a heavy duty common ground running along the boat with serial busbars (150amp+) onto which all the negative returns from switched DC powered items can directly attach (avoiding in some cases a long cable run back to the switch panel common negative bus), and limiting the number of wires that are required to return to the switch panel?  The available cable runs in some areas are tight and avoiding having to run both a positive and negative cable back for every device would enable larger AWG cables for the positive switched fused side limiting voltage drop in the circuits? - Ross


Yes, you can definitely have a common negative throughout the boat. When doing the DC negative, make sure there is only one path to the DC negative battery terminal. In other words, make sure you don’t have any loops on the DC negative.