Cable Length for Lithium Battery Bank Split in Two Locations?


I have a house bank consisting of (4) 300AH LiPoFe batteries split into 2 locations. (2) within three feet of positive and negative bus and the other (2) are 5 - 6 feet away with 4/0 cables.
Is it better to bring farther batteries to the bus bars as not too much difference, or loop them? Electrical expert says its the same. How? - William


Thanks for reaching out to PYS.  This a great question and one we are seeing more of with the increase in adaption to LiFeP04.

It is highly recommended when lithium batteries are connected into a bank that common positive and negative bus bars are installed with even length cables from each battery. This is because the internal resistance of a lithium battery is far lower than a traditional flooded lead acid battery and even slight differences in cable lengths may cause individual batteries to charge or discharge at different rates.  In this case there should be (4) x 5 - 6 ft jumpers for positive and negative from each battery regardless of the distance to the bus bar - or in other words, all jumpers must be the same length as the longest run.

Here is a great video on installing lithium systems -