Becoming a Marine Electrical Tech


I live in the UK and am completely rewiring my boat. This is how I discovered PYS on Youtube. Doing some research, I was thinking of  starting my on trade however I can't find any training for a marine electrician.  I have no background in electrical, but I was raised with a model of "if you do it, do it right" (thank you mom), and that is the reason I felt inspired by your work ethics. Can you please tell me were to start? Thanks for your time and keep the youtube content coming I think you (Jeff Cote) are very inspiring (great work ethic, great speaker).  - Adolfo


Hi Adolfo, Glad my content is resonating with you all the way in UK.  Here’s the bible of marine electrical systems, read the electrical chapters slowly and methodically, and take lots of notes.  It's a great place to start and best of luck with your career.  - Jeff