Battery Charger Connections


I recently installed 3 new group 24 79ah AGM batteries in my 1996 Pursuit 28 with twin outboards. I also installed a new Guest 30amp 3 bank Chargepro battery charger, and 2 ACR's.

You said in your videos that the number 1 lead from the charger should go to the house battery. The installation instructions for this charger say that lead 1 should go to the starting battery, lead 2 should go to the second starting battery and lead 3 should go to the house battery. I'm confused as to the correct way to wire this. Love all your videos have learned an awful lot from them.  - Rick


Hi Rick, good question but not sure I can give a definitive answer, especially since manufacturer recommends something different then I do. Most battery chargers want the battery that will need the most amount of amperage or is the most likely discharged to charger output #1. Worth asking Guest, if they think it makes a difference on their charger. - Jeff

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