Alternator Output to Lithium Batteries?


I have a Catamaran with Yanmar engines. On the port side, the main has two alternators; one which goes to the starting battery and one higher amp that goes to the house bank . I'm considering going to lithium for my house bank and have been researching regulators as a way to limit alternator output to the new lithium house bank via temperature sensors. How do you suggest connecting these? Can I use a maxcharge 614-D with this with and a isolator? - Doug


Considering that you have two alternators on one engine, I suggest you keep each alternator for one purpose only. Considering that you’ll have lead acid (flooded, Gel, or AGM) for engine starting and LiFePO4 for house loads, you should NOT install a battery isolator on the high output alternator. Instead have the high output alternator directly connected to your unswitched positive distribution. I would also strongly suggest you get a smart external regulator for the high output alternator connected to your LiFePO4 battery.  - Jeff