Adding a Separate Starter Battery on My Sailboat


I've watched most of your videos and find them extremely helpful and informative. I have an older Catalina 30 with an Atomic 4 engine that currently has (2) batteries. I would like to add a separate dedicated start battery for the engine and make the current 2-battery bank a dedicated house bank. I am wondering what would be the best set up for an onboard charger, (I'm guessing a good 3-bank charger), and isolatior/combiner to allow all batteries to be charged from the engine alternator. Thanks! - Fred


Thanks for reaching out to PYS with your question, glad to hear you’re enjoying the videos.   You’re absolutely correct, they best way to set that up would be a good multi bank charger and a combiner or isolator for a charge from the alternator.  We have these chargers available on our website, or let us know how we can be of assistance.