A Question About Charging My Batteries With an ACR?


Good morning Jeff, Hope this finds you well.  I have 2 full size 6VDC batteries in series for my inverter.  Originally they would only charge with shore power.  I installed an ACR to charge them from the engine and connected to BATT#1.  I noticed that the charge indicator light on the ACR would come on and go off as designed.  The inverter batteries are deep cycle and I think that charging on and off like that will reduce the life of them.  I’ve considered installing another battery switch and not going with the ACR.  The regulator in the alternator should take care of the overcharge as it does on my other two house batteries.  I upgraded the alternator to a 75A vs the 60A that came with the boat.  Measurements at the alternator never exceeded 30A.  So, basically, with a switch the inverter batteries would be in parallel with house battery#1 and all I have to do is manage the switch positions.  What do you think about that.  Thanks in advance. - Steven


With the ACR going off and on a lot, it could be an indication that there is an issue with one of the battery banks. Often when the batteries start to lose capacity they will show good voltage but drop away quickly when a load is applied (or charge) causing the ACR to cycle off and on more often.  Changing back to the manual switch is a personal choice, you just have to remember to disconnect the banks when not charging or applying a load from the inverter.

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