I Have an Older Catalina 34 Sailboat, Can You Recommend a Battery Charger?


Hi Jeff, I own a Catalina 34 sailboat from the mid ‘80s. It’s a newish boat to me. I’m replacing the (4) 6V flooded batteries with (4) new 225Ah AGM batteries. The separate starter battery is also a new 12V AGM. My question is I should probably replace my current battery charger, a Guess Charge Pro from 2003. Can you give me some suggestions so far as output, brand,etc? Also, as I calculate it, my house bank wired in Serial/Parallel has a total 12V, 450Ah. Is this correct?  Thanks for your help. - Dave


Hi Dave.  I would s uggest you look at the Promariner ProNautic 50 or preferably 60 amp battery charger.  You are correct, your house battery bank capacity is 450Ah at 12 VDC and you need a minimum of 45 amps of charge rate.

 - Jeff

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