Implications of Ferroresonant Battery Chargers?


Thank you for your presentation last night. I started thinking that I may have a ferroresonant charger (which could account for some of the problems I have been having). The charger is a Newman RM 15 which was installed in 1990. I’m at “a bit of loss” because the manufacture’s manual says that the charger provides a float charge and will not overcharge. However, the schematic shows SCRs and it does not look like a smart charger. I thought that I would ask your opinion before I go to the expense of purchasing a new charger.


Based on my research on the Newmar RM 15 is ferroresonant charger. The charger will tend to overcharge the batteries ever so slightly and they will eventually boil over. As per the presentation, I would recommend changing to a smart charger. For instance, we have had lots of success with the Promariner ProNautic charger.               

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