Choosing the correct wiring for windlass


Hello Jeff

I am in the planning stage of installing an anchor windlass Maxwell VW10-8  12volt rated output 1000w circuit breaker required per manufacturer is 135amp. I am putting this on a Hunter 35.5 sailboat. Cable run will be 85-90 feet this is probably a little high but would rather over estimate then under.

The manufacturer instructions recommended for this model is 2/0 AWG for a 80' -105' cable run. Do you think this acceptable for the best performance? I think I figured the voltage drop correctly and this would put it around 6% drop. What recommendation do you have?

Love all the helpful advice and the many videos.

Thank you


Hi Keith,

Yep, you're going in the right direction. Based on your length of cable run for windlass, a wiring selection of 2/0 seems is a good choice. To further offset voltage drop, always remember to run your engine when using your windlass.


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