Telus Smart Hub: A Smart Decision

Have you heard of the Smart Hub from Telus? If not, you should have! Here's what so amazing about it:

1) Wi-Fi propagates throughout the boat The Smart Hub converts a cellular signal to Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is much easier to propagate throughout a boat then a capped cellular signal. This is because the cellular internal antenna power output is capped so as to not interfere with the outside cellular antenna. The FCC and the CRTC regulate the power output of the internal cellular antenna, since there have been a few occasions where the internal and external antenna kept amplifying each other's signals and eventually brought down a cell location.

2) Most devices have Wi-Fi Computers, iPads, laptops, Smartphones, etc. have Wi-Fi connectivity. Now all these devices can use the Smart Hub to access the internet. A cell booster only works for devices that have cell connectivity.

3) A phone for your boat The Smart Hub also has the option of having a phone line. Now you can use a cordless phone (like in homes and offices, preferably at 5.8GHz) throughout the boat. A cell booster (with internal antenna) only works if the cell receiver is within very close range (a few feet) of the internal antenna. The cordless phones can be placed throughout the boat and will connect to the Smart Hub for phone connectivity. In conclusion, the Smart Hub allows a user to have the best available amplifier and then to convert this cellular signal for both data and voice throughout the boat. Contact us to discuss this option one-on-one.