SmartPlug is really smart

Revolutionary - "radically new or innovative" That is one word to describe SmartPlug Systems' new marine shore power connector. The traditional shore power plug that most boaters use today was designed back in 1938 and it was never meant for the marine environment. PYS would like to introduce you to a new, better, and safer option that is easier to use: the SmartPlug! 

The SmartPlug's shore power connector was designed from the ground up to solve all the problems that boaters faced with the existing shore power connectors. The number one cause of shore power problems is poor electrical connection. Bad connections cause overheating and eventually failure (See image to the left), which can sometimes lead to catastrophic or even deadly consequences. The SmartPlug addresses this directly in two ways. First, they designed the SmartPlug's straight pin connections with 20 times more surface area. This means less resistance and less chance of overheating. Second, they integrated a thermostat as part of the power inlet, which will automatically cut the connection in the unlikely event that the connector becomes too hot. Once things cool back down, the SmartPlug turns back on.

The Designers at SmartPlug also got rid of the dreaded twist lock design and made the connector body a unique and easily identifiable shape. It is so intuitive - you just push the SmartPlug in. Also gone is the locking ring - you know, the one that is hard to thread on and often breaks off.  With the SmartPlug, the act of pushing it in causes the two side locking levers to automatically snap into place, creating a weatherproof seal. For extra security, there is an additional two locking tabs on the SmartPlug cover. This plug isn't going to come loose until you want it to. Safe and Dry. The SmartPlug shore power inlet is made to fit the existing shore power opening in your boat, making installation easy. Just remove your old shore power inlet and install the SmartPlug. No drilling or cutting is required.

SmartPlug Systems' 30 Amp Inlet and Connector recently passed all required testing for product safety certification by Intertek Testing Services and are now listed as ETL certified products. The ETL Listed Mark is proof of compliance with US & Canadian safety standards. SmartPlug's 30 Amp shore power kit retails for $225 CDN, but retailers may sell for less. To read more or watch a SmartPlug video, visit their website at