PYS Has A New Monthly Column In Pacific Yachting!

At Pacific Yacht Systems we're really excited about the new column we have in Pacific Yachting magazine. The column examines topics related to the changing world of technology and boating, and how electronics and electrical systems help to create a safe and enjoyable boating experience. Featured under the "Tech Talk" section, the current article is titled "The Social Boater" and discusses new mobile technology and how it is related to the boating community. For example, read about how your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch can be utilized as a fully featured portable chartplotter! Check it out on page 28 of this month's issue of the magazine. Look for the column by Jeff Cote every month now in your Pacific Yachting magazine! If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding the column we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at 604.284.5171 or by e-mail at