Music Solutions On Board

We all love listening to our favourite tunes when we're out on the water. Here are our favourite music systems for on board a boat.

1) iPod connected through a Fusion radio Fusion radios are a great product, with waterproof enclosures for your iPod and built-in Fusion satellite radio. With an iPod connected you have all your favourite songs just a touch away, or you can choose to listen to something new on the radio.  

2) Satellite radio systems  Have you ever been out enjoying some time on the water when you just want some radio? While the role of classic radio has been taken over for many people by iPods, radio has responded with some high-tech solutions for playing music. Satellite radio through Sirius XM Radio is widely available across Canada and the United States with a variety of features: a huge selection of stations available in remote destinations with no commercials? Yes please! To get satellite radio on your boat, you'll need a Sirius XM receiver, a Sirius satellite antenna, and a connection to your favourite speakers. If you're in the United States, you'll also want to look into Sirius Marine Weather service, which display the weather forecast on many multifunctional displays, overlaid on your charts.

3) Car stereo system Old faithful, a standard car radio is great for in and around cities. Our favourite stations here in Richmond are 100.5 The Peak, 88.1 CBC Radio 1, and 90.9 Espace Musique Vancouver.