Change to Bell TV (ExpressVu) Satellite Tracking Frequency

Do you have a Bell ExpressVu satellite TV system installed on your boat? If you do, it's likely that you also have a KVH TracVision antenna. We've just received word that Bell has recently changed the settings for their satellite tracking and some channels may not be coming in. This is because the settings on your KVH TracVision antenna need to be updated to track the Bell TV 82°W satellite, one of two satellites used to deliver your television programs.

How will you know if you're affected by this change? Turn to channel 800. If you usually receive service on this channel and instead there is an error screen displayed, the settings on your KVH system need to be updated. Until these settings are updated, you won't be able to view channels delivered by the 82°W satellite. We'd be happy to assist you with this update. For more information contact KVH Technical Support. ?