Broadband Radar

Broadband radar is making waves. Hailed as "the most revolutionary new radar system since the invention of radar itself," broadband radar is making waves in the marine world. Unlike conventional pulse radar, which does not show close-range detail and tends to merge multiple targets into single groups, broadband radar delivers clutter-free detail from mid-range to extremely close-in targets.

Broadband is ideal for power-conscious sail boaters as it energizes a broadband radar unit with its low power requirement, producing an immediate, accurate on-screen image without warm-up, thereby eliminating the battery-draining standby mode of traditional pulse radars. Additionally, broadband radar emits less radiation than a mobile phone, thus providing more options for safe mounting of the radome on your vessel. The consumer broadband radar systems currently available have a practical range of 16 nautical miles, which is lower than that of traditional radar. We at Pacific Yacht Systems feel this will not be a drawback for the average West Coast boater navigating the Inside Passage.