Gioco GSP 140 S2 - Polycrystalline Flexible Solar Panel

Gioco, working with FLY Solartech, has introduced the new S2 line of flexible polycrystalline solar panels.  These panels incorporate GWire technology which increases the number of wires in each individual cell to prevent “micro-cracks” and “hot spots”. Combined with Gioco's 7-layer technology and the F-ETFE2 scratch-resistant, plastic polymer sheet, the S2 panels have a superior efficiency to 18.5%.   

Made in Italy, the GSP 140 is a 140 watt poly panel that measures 1375 X 680 X 2 mm or 54.2 X 26.8 X 0.08 inches.

Price:  $798.00 CDN (each)

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