Firefly Oasis Battery - Carbon Foam AGM - L15+

Firefly batteries use Microcell Carbon Foam to deliver a longer service life, increased energy efficiency and better performance under extreme conditions.  The Firefly carbon foam technology resists sulfation and corrosion, the primary causes of failure in lead-acid batteries.  For boaters, this means that the battery can be left in a partial state of discharge (i.e. extended cruising, sitting on a trailer or at a dock without power) and it will not lose any permanent capacity. 

Firefly L 15+ 2V 900 Ah or 4V 450 Ah Battery

Dimensions are 10.15 L X 17.2 H X 6.85 W inches or 258mm L X  438mm H X 174mm W

Weight is 94 lbs or 42.6 kg

30% DOD = 13,500 cycles, 50% DOD = 4,650 cycles or 80% DOD = 1,300

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