EFOY: Methanol Fuel Cell

An alternative power source, that has really impressed our clients, is called the EFOY Fuel Cell, which is powered by methanol. This solution is perfect for a boater without a generator, who would like to stay at anchorage for a few more days without worrying about draining the boat’s batteries or running the boat’s engine at a low idle to charge the batteries. It may also appeal to the boater with a generator who is tired of the constant noise, vibration and fumes, especially in a tight anchorage or quiet bay

The EFOY produces electricity using the methanol in the fuel cartridge combined with air. It transforms chemical energy into electrical energy with no moving parts, making it very efficient. The only waste it produces is heat and water vapour containing an insignificant amount of carbon dioxide.

There are three EFOY models, designed specifically for the marine and RV industry, an 80A, 140A and 210A. The EFOY is by no means a replacement for a traditional generator, its real purpose is to charge batteries. It comes with an integrated charge regulator that monitors the charging status of a 12-volt battery. The EFOY will start automatically when it senses the battery is low and then switch off when the battery is full. When you install the unit, it is important to select the type of batteries you will be charging, such as flooded, gel, AGM or LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate).

Installation - The EFOY Fuel Cell ships with a mounting bracket with strap, a fuel cartridge holder with strap and a user-friendly remote control panel, similar to a battery monitor, that can be installed in the cabin. This panel will tell you the operating mode, volts, charging amps and the fuel cartridge’s fill level. It also comes with charging cables to connect to the battery, an exhaust hose to carry water vapour, CO2 and methanol traces outside and a ducting kit to move hot air away from the unit.

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