Sol-Go SG-Flex 210w Flexible Solar Panel

Sol-Go SG-Flex 210w Flexible Solar Panel

Part #: SG-Flex 210

The Sol-Go SG-Flex 210 watt  flexible monocrystaline solar panel is 52" x 32"

Sol-Go panels are manufactured using industry-leading SunPower Maxeon cells, offering the highest power density on the market:  35% higher than some conventional cells.

They offer excellent response to partial shading.  Just one leaf can reduce many panels to 40% power output.  Sol-Go panels retain 90% output under similar conditions.

Sol-Go panels offer a full 5 year power and 2 year product warranty.

Manufacturer: Sol-Go

Part #: SG-Flex 210

Length/Depth: 52 in.

Width: 32 in.

Height: n/a

Weight: 7.30 lbs.

Cell: Monocrystalline

Type: Flexible

Watts: 210 W

Est. Daily Output: 55 Ah

VOC: 42.8 Volts

VMP: 35.3 Volts

ISC: 6.3 Amps

IMP: 5.9 Amps

Efficiency: 23 Pct

Junction Box: On Top

Walk-On: No