Sol-Go SG-Flex-160T-S 160W Flexible Solar Panel

Sol-Go SG-Flex-160T-S 160W Flexible Solar Panel

Part #: 160T-S

The SunPower Maxeon solar cell is built on a thick, copper foundation, allowing for the flex modules to resist power loss via cracking and corrosion unlike conventional cells. Sol-Go's module materials are chosen with extensive testing to ensure a long module lifetime delivering the highest power density in the market, up to 35%.

The flexible and lightweight 160W class is Sol-Go’s largest class of panels. Each panel comes with a 5-year power warranty and is made exclusively with high-quality module materials and prime-grade SunPower cells.

Manufacturer: Sol-Go

Part #: 160T-S

Length/Depth: 61.89 in.

Width: 21.89 in.

Height: 0.07 in.

Weight: 6.83 lbs.

Cell: Polycrystalline

Type: Flexible

Watts: 160 W

Est. Daily Output: 40 Ah

Efficiency: 24 Pct

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