RAYMARINE i70s System Pack (9m)

RAYMARINE i70s System Pack (9m)

Part #: T70226

With maximum visibility and versatility, thei70s Multifunction Instrument gives you the flexibility to display instrument and navigation data that is most important to you.
It places frequently used navigation functions right at your fingertips and is equipped with a bold and bright 4.1"display the i70s is easy-to-customize with digital, analog and graphical displays of depth, speed, wind and more. Add this i70s Display to your existing Raymarine multifunction display or create a network with multiple i70s displays and sensors.

Manufacturer: Raymarine

Part #: T70226

Length/Depth: n/a

Width: n/a

Height: n/a

Weight: n/a

Primary Display: i70s Color Multi

Second Display: No

Third Display: No

Windvane: Short Arm Vane Wired

Depth/Speed Sensor: DST800

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