GARMIN FANTOM 18x Radar, 48 mile, doppler

GARMIN FANTOM 18x Radar, 48 mile, doppler

Part #: 010-02584-00


These incredibly powerful 18” and 24” dome radars have beauty and brains with a black color option and 50 watts of output power.

GMR Fantom brings the power. Fifty watts of it, actually.

See targets clearly, and adjust their sizes as needed.

With power save mode, you get to choose when to use full power and when to pull back.

Every second of power usage counts. Cut back even more by choosing your active times down to the second.

MotionScope™ technology shows targets in color as they move toward you or away.

Manufacturer: Garmin

Part #: 010-02584-00

Length/Depth: n/a

Width: 20 in.

Height: 9.80 in.

Weight: 14 lbs.

Antenna Size: 18 in

Type: Radome

Color: White

Wireless: No

Transmit Power: 50 Watts

Max Range: 48 nm

Doppler Collision Avoidance: Yes

Bird Mode: Yes

MARPA Target Tracking: Yes

Beam Width H: 5.20

Beam Width V: 25

Cable Length: 15 m

Supply Voltage: 10-32 Volts

Power Consumption (Standby): 4 Watts

Power Consumption (Max): 33 Watts

Operating Temperature: -25 to 70 C