Pacific Yacht Systems and Roton are your source for marine grade Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries and battery management systems

Lithium batteries have many advantages, including:

  • capacity - 80% useable (as compared to 50% for lead acid)
  • lifespan - on average 10x more lifetime power cycles
  • charging speed -  on average10x faster charging
  • weight - 70% lighter than lead acid
  • consistency - holds battery voltage evenly thru discharge


But be aware that "drop-in" lithium batteries are not really "drop-in" ...

There are several considerations to ensure an installation that is safe, and maximizes the life of your new batteries:

  • are your batteries managed by a BMS to avoid dangerous charge/discharge conditions?
  • is your battery charger suitable for the unique requirements of LiFePO4 batteries?
  • is your alternator's regulator set up for charging LiFePO4?
  • is your system managing overheat of your alternator?
  • is your alternator protected from damage during a BMS safety disconnect?
  • is your DC wiring correctly configured to ensure equal charge/discharge of the cells in your battery bank?
  • does your system allow for mixed battery chemistry (LiFePO4 for house, flooded/AGM for engine start?)

Contact us for the professional parts, consulting, and installation service you need to upgrade your boat with lithium!

Victron Lithium Superpack Battery 12.8V/100Ah

#1  Victron Lithium Superpack Battery 12.8V/100Ah

Integrated BMS and safety switch … The SuperPack batteries are extremely easy to install, needing no additional components. The internal switch will disconnect the battery in case of over discharge… read more

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Victron Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Battery 12.8V/100Ah

#2  Victron Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Battery 12.8V/100Ah

Lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) is the safest of the mainstream li-ion battery types. The nominal voltage of a LFP cell is 3,2V (lead-acid: 2V/cell). A 12,8V LFP battery, therefore, consists… read more

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Victron Lynx Smart BMS 500

#3  Victron Lynx Smart BMS 500

The Lynx Smart BMS is a dedicated Battery Management System for Victron Lithium Smart Batteries. There are multiple BMS-es available for our Smart Lithium series of batteries, and the Lynx Smart is… read more

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Wakespeed Advanced Alternator Regulator

#4  Wakespeed Advanced Alternator Regulator

Wakespeed Advanced Alternator Regulator … The WS500 is the only alternator regulator available that can utilize current, voltage and temperature to deliver the most precise and effective charging… read more

CAD $915.12

USD $665.20

Discover LYNK II Communication Gateway

#5  Discover LYNK II Communication Gateway

LYNK II Communication Gateway aggregates and displays in real-time the State of Charge for LITHIUM PROFESSIONALand AES LiFePO4 batteries. Unlock the full potential of these lithium batteries by… read more

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Balmar Max Charge MC-618 Regulator 12V with Harness

#6  Balmar Max Charge MC-618 Regulator 12V with Harness

The MC-618-H premium 12-volt multi-stage voltage regulator provides the ultimate in charging safety and control. It features Intelligent multi-stage regulation, digital numeric LED display, and… read more

CAD $529.99

USD $385.25

Balmar Alternator Protection Module - APM-12/14

#7  Balmar Alternator Protection Module - APM-12/14

The Balmar APM provides best-in-class surge protection using the latest technology to protect alternators and other onboard electronics from damaging effects cased by: • Battery switch disconnects … read more

CAD $144.83

USD $105.28

Victron Cerbo GX Monitoring - Do It Yourself Kit

#8  Victron Cerbo GX Monitoring - Do It Yourself Kit

This all-new communication-centre allows you to always have perfect control over your system from wherever you are and maximises its performance. Simply connect through our Victron Remote Management… read more

CAD $899.99

USD $654.21