West Bay Sonship 58 - "Palomino"

Judging by the quality of their articles in Pacific Yachting magazine, Mark concluded that PYS must be quite knowledgable in the area of marine electrical and electronics. So when he decided to get the best battery system possible for his 58-foot West Bay Sonship, Palomino, he knew who to contact. After inspecting the boat, PYS recommended a larger battery system using AGM batteries, additional charging capacity, and battery monitoring. And Mark was pleased that PYS was able to use some of the boat's existing cable and gauges, rather than replacing everything.

Mark reports that, whereas the boat's fridge, lights, and toilet would have discharged the old batteries overnight, he now finds that the new system is still charged in the morning. Now, rather than running the generator for six to eight hours each day, he anticipates as little as three and a half hours of generator time per day.

 "PYS under-promised and over-delivered. When that happens, a person is going to be favourably impressed," states Mark. 

Mark doesn't anticipate any difficulties with the new system, but he knows that PYS will be there to fix any "hiccups" should they occur. He's already recommended PYS to other boaters and will continue to do so.