Trawler - "MV Balboa"

Jack does most of the work himself on his trawler, MV Balboa. “Where I go—Alaska, the Queen Charlottes—” he states, “there’s nobody to help, so you have to be able to do it yourself.” So when he needed to replace some electrical panels, he decided to seek some expert advice. He phoned Pacific Yacht Systems, expecting to hear back within a week. Instead, Jeff picked up the phone himself. “I instantly felt like I was talking to the right fellow,” says Jack.

Ten days later, Jeff was on his way to Prince Rupert, where he spent two full days with Jack, helping design a new electrical system (since more than just the panel needed attention). He helped prepare the schematic and specified all the materials and tools Jack would need to complete the work. As Jack describes it, “Jeff explained some fairly complicated things in layman’s terms and laid out the principles for me. His instructions were very clear.”

"PYS' knowledge is amazing," says Jack, who consulted with PYS before undertaking the replacement of his trawler’s electrical system. "I have confidence that I’ve done everything correctly, and this adds to my feeling of self-sufficiency. We obviously share a passion about boating."

Now, whenever Jack has any questions, he emails PYS and sends images of what he’s done. He’s about halfway through the project and is confident that he has done the work correctly. Plus, he’s pleased with how neat and tidy the work is. “Conceptually, it makes sense,” he says. “I know exactly where everything is and how it’s done.”