Trawler 38 - "The Serendipity"

Hans does a lot of his own work on his 38-foot trawler, The Serendipity, but when he wanted to have an autopilot installed, he knew it was a step above what he was comfortable doing. After PYS installed the autopilot, Hans experienced some problems with it. “It wasn’t their fault,” Hans says. “It was a different way of doing things, and nobody picked it up until after the fact.”

As soon as PYS learned Hans was having some difficulties, they pulled a technician off another job and immediately clarified what the problem was.

"Would I go back to PYS?" asks Hans. "In a heartbeat!"

“The important thing is how someone approaches a mistake and goes about fixing it . . . and that’s big time,” states Hans. “Someone else might have just said, ‘I’m outta here.’ ”