Tollycraft 57

Dan, a boater and a hockey enthusiast, relates the following story:

“With the Canucks moving deep into the playoffs last year, I was challenged between enjoying the coast and the excitement of the games. Alas, the only solution was to finally install a KVH M3 System.” “I called PYS, asking for support in checking my installation and bringing the unit on line. His crew arrived. After testing, they discovered that our location, combined with the weather at the time, did not allow success. By this time it was after five in the evening. When I suggested we cast the lines and move out past Passage Island for good line of sight, I was shocked at the response: ‘Sure, if you don’t mind.’ I expected the usual, ‘Oh, it’s after five, we’re off work, see you tomorrow.’ For PYS, service and job satisfaction come before timetables.”

"I have enjoyed only the one experience with the PYS gang, but would not hesitate to call them about any issue or challenge," says Dan.