Sundancer 38 - "Luna-Sea"

At the recommendation of his business partner, Rudy contacted PYS and immediately felt they knew what they were talking about. He was considering having an inverter/charger installed on Luna-Sea, his 38-foot Series Sundancer. Before starting any work, PYS spent some time talking with Rudy about the intended use of the boat, to make sure everything was sized correctly, and that he understood what they were proposing, and why. Rudy reports being very impressed with the quality of PYS' work and their level of professionalism. "When they said they were going to be there, they were there," he states. "For the boating industry, that was definitely a pleasant suprise!" 

"PYS made sure I understood what the end result would be," states Rudy, "and wanted to know that I'd be happy with the result." 

Having 115-volt power without having to start the generator has greatly improved Rudy's boating satisfaction. "If you're not plugged into shore, you have to run your generator for something as simple as charging your cell phone," he says. "Now we have power whenever we need it."