Sun Cruiser - "Bella Vita"

Jim was having electrical and battery problems on his Sun Cruiser, Bella Vita. He knew the boat’s 12-year-old technology needed to be updated, and he wanted to have more confidence when taking it out on long cruises. In the end, Pacific Yacht Systems undertook a complete overhaul of the boat’s power system.

Jim found PYS’ technical work to be great, but even more important to him was the ongoing service throughout the job and after the work was completed.

"The people at PYS are boaters themselves," states Jim, "and they really care about what is happening on your boat and the service you’re getting. Jeff is one of the good guys."

 “PYS are really service-oriented,” he says. “They were constantly following up to make sure everything was running well. They actually care about the work they do and their ongoing relationship with their clients.”