Silverton 42 - "Shasta"

The charger/inverter on Shasta, Geoff's 42-foot Silverton, had "given up the ghost." On the recommendation of friends at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, he contacted PYS, who installed a new system. At the same time they did an audit of the electrical systems and made some recommendations that were implemented.  Geoff was more than pleased with PYS' quality of service. "Their service level was absolutely superb; the craftsmanship and qualifications of all the PYS staff are impeccable," he states.

"I highly recommend PYS to anyone," says Geoff . "They were fair and objective and did what they said they would."

Geoff finds the new system to be a huge improvement in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Now, when on the water, he runs the generator for shorter periods of time and with less frequency. "The longer you run a generator, the more you and your friends have to listen to it , and  the more diesel you burn—a combination of inconvenience and cost," Geoff says. "Now I have much better power management."