Shamrock Predator - "Andiamo"

When thieves vandalized the Andiamo while it was in storage on Vancouver Island, Rick felt there must have been a positive aspect to the situation, although he didn’t see it at the time. He had the boat towed back to Vancouver, where he was put in touch with Pacific Yacht Systems.

PYS analyzed the boat’s DC and AC system and found many instances where the wires were undersized or not even fused at all. Rick had been seriously at risk when out on the water. That’s when he was grateful for the circumstances that led him to PYS.  He often cruises as far as twelve miles off shore to go fishing, so safety and reliability are absolutely critical.

 "It’s comforting to know that the boat you’re standing on is reliable and safe," says Rick.  "I ended up getting my boat better than new. I recommend PYS to all my boater buddies."

PYS completely redesigned Andiamo’s electrical system, enhancing the battery system, simplifying the battery switching and making the system reliable. PYS also installed a new navigation system, networking the Garmin GPSMAP 4008 chartplotter, GSD 22 digital sounder, and GMR18 radar, so that all the components were integrated; they even installed a satellite radio. Describing the support he received from PYS, Rick says, “They came out on a cruise and walked me through everything, explaining the system and why it was set up the way it was.”

Self-described as “the fussiest guy I know,” Rick was very pleased with the attention to detail PYS gave to the project. “You can tell when someone really cares about what they are doing,” he states.