Seaswirl Striper 2101 - "Trevi Time"

When Kelly purchased a Garmin Autopilot, he felt it was too complicated to install himself. The Garmin dealer suggested he contact PYS, who confirmed that a TR-1 Gold was the right choice for Kelly’s Seaswirl Striper, Trevi Time. PYS installed and commissioned the autopilot “right on the quote,” Kelly reports.

In the meantime, PYS service personnel pointed out some deficiencies in the boat’s wiring and offered tips to the owner on how to do the work properly.

"PYS not only did the job, but they mentored me," says Kelly, "so I could bring my boat up to industry standards. And they made sure we were satisfied with everything."

Kelly is very happy that the autopilot was installed on the boat’s kicker motor, which allows for hands-free fishing. Now he can set his boat to travel toward a point 50 or 60 km in the distance, and even in strong currents, the boat gets itself back on course. “It’s like having a third person on the boat,” he quips.