Seaswirl 2601 - "Boop's Sloop"

Pat lives in Calgary. His Seaswirl Striper, Boop’s Sloop, needed an autopilot system installed, and the boat was in Chilliwack. So when Pat flew to BC for a weekend, Jeff Cote drove out to Chilliwack on a Saturday to get the project started.

Pat could see that Jeff was very knowledgeable, but what really impressed him was the time he took to assess the boat’s situation and come up with a couple of options. Jeff discussed the options with Pat, then spent time planning each step of the job. “I found that really, really worthwhile,” says Pat, “that he planned everything up front, then pulled it all together—good ideas and good solutions.”

 "Jeff was thinking more about how it would affect me than how it would affect his business" says Pat. "I think of him more as a friend than a vendor."

When it was time for final setup, PYS arranged to meet Pat on the water and took the time to explain how the entire system worked. And PYS followed up by email, checking that everything was done to Pat’s satisfaction. “PYS cares,” states Pat.