Sceptre 41 - "ArielX"

When Henri announced that he'd won an electrical audit from PYS at their local boat show, his wife, Anne, thought it wasn't quite the lottery win she'd had in mind. But on later reflection, they both agree that the biggest advance in their boating lives has been the electronics and navigations systems; PYS' upgrade has enabled them to use that equipment.

It had become a full-time job keeping everything on ArielX, their Sceptre 41, charged while Henri and Anne were enjoying their time at anchor. This changed after PYS installed new AGM batteries and wiring and put into place ideas and solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of the boat's electrical system. "Not to mention the fridge!" quips Anne.

"Thanks to the PYS team," say Anne and Henri, "our sailboat's electrical system has been upgraded to 2013 standards, allowing ArielX the ability to stay at anchor indefinitely. Now, if only we could say the same for the holding tank!"

She and Henri found the PYS team to be professional, friendly, accommodating, and tidy. They also appreciate PYS' website and newsletters, which they describe as informative and exceptionally well done.