Ocean Alexander 42 - "Ocean Breeze"

Ocean Breeze, Ernest’s 42-foot Ocean Alexander, was built in 1984, and over the years, its electrical system had been added to and modified. So when Ernest learned that PYS provides assessments of boats’ systems, he felt such an analysis would be worthwhile. Following a thorough review, he contracted PYS to complete several recommended upgrades.

Ernest also discussed communications systems with PYS. He’s “trying to retire,” but until he does, staying in touch via email and phone is very important, particularly as he and his wife spend a lot of time on Ocean Breeze. The systems they’d tried proved less than satisfactory, so PYS installed a Smart Hub solution with cell booster, which now enable seamless cell phone and cellular data throughout the boat via Wi-Fi service.

Several months after PYS completed the work, Ernest encountered a problem: when on the boat, he could not log into the WiFi service. A PYS technician came to the marina and spent about three hours, much of that time on the phone with Telus, working out the problem. In the end, no one could explain why the computer driving the smart hub had rebooted and given itself different passwords, but the problem was solved.

"I’m very pleased with the work PYS did on my boat,"  states Ernest. "A few problems arose after they completed the installation—but not really a result of what they did—and even though they spent hours on troubleshooting, they refused any additional payment."

Shortly after that, Ernest discovered that the house battery system was not working. Again, a PYS technician spent a couple of hours determining what the problem was and correcting it. PYS refused to accept any additional payment—having a satisfied customer was the priority.