Marcos Yachts MC 39 - "Prairie Rose"

When Rob purchased Prairie Rose it was thirty years old, with its original wiring. Over the next five years, Rob did a fair bit of work on his boat, but he knew that electrical design would be out of his league, so he contacted Pacific Yacht Systems. After an initial consultation, when Rob learned what was possible, he decided to have the boat’s entire electrical system revamped.

“I worked side by side with PYS nearly every step of the way,” states Rob. “Jeff eagerly explained what he was doing and why, in a way I could understand.” Rob was particularly impressed at the way all of the boat’s electronics, of different brands and compatibility, were networked into a seamless package.

" Jeff really is the kind of guy you can leave a blank cheque with and tell him to pay himself when he is done," says Rob.  "Meticulous, tidy, honest and reliable. On top all that, he knows what he is doing."

Rob recently sailed to Alaska on the Prairie Rose and greatly enjoyed having sufficient power to run everything—navigation system, fridge, even his breadmaker—without any problems. Knowing he won’t have to stop and work on the boat means he has more time to enjoy being on the water.

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