Hunter Legend 35.5 - "Salish Moon"

Laurie knew that the electronics on his sailboat, Salish Moon, weren’t up to snuff; the electronics and radar were so old, they didn’t communicate with each other. So when he learned that Jeff Cote had installed some navigation equipment on his own boat, Laurie wanted to check it out. He was so impressed with what he saw, he contracted with Jeff to install a similar system on Salish Moon. The two worked on it together, and in the process, Laurie learned about the intricacies of his vessel.

When Jeff inspected Salish Moon’s batteries, he discovered that the boat’s electrical system wasn’t up to code—the cables weren’t fused, and that was a potential fire hazard. Laurie instructed Jeff to treat the problem as if it was on his own boat, and now everything is up to code.

Laurie reports that his boating experience has improved by 100%. With a Raymarine C120 chartplotter, X-5 Sport Pilot autopilot, DSM 30 Digital Sounder and radar that communicate with each other, it’s like having an extra crew member on board. His navigation system is reliable now, and he has peace of mind when visibility is poor or when he’s sailing on his own. “The increase in the safety factor is incredible,” he says.