Hunter 45 CC - "Club Paradise"

David arranged for PYS to conduct an electrical audit on Club Paradise, his 2008 Hunter 45 CC, after hearing great things about PYS through the sailing community. The audit revealed a number of areas needing attention, including the complete replacement of the main battery bank due to a previous technician not installing the correct battery temperature sensor, which led to misinformation being delivered from the batteries to the charger, resulting in two years of undercharging and destruction of the life and capacity of the battery bank. In addition, the audit revealed that some things had been done incorrectly and were dangerous as a result; some things had been done poorly; and some things could have been improved upon. As David is preparing to sail to and through the Panama Canal, then over the Mediterranean, he needs everything to be working perfectly. "I need to know I've done everything I can to make it as safe and as comfortable as possible," he says. So he entrusted his boat to PYS.

"PYS has provided exactly what I was looking for: a full audit and review of what I wanted to accomplish, all areas and systems impacted by the work required, and what had to be done so that everything gelled," says David. "This included the people of PYS challenging and educating one large company that provided less than acceptable operating parameters on their equipment; only after extensive work by PYS did this company agree. This has given me exactly what I requested and paid for, rather than accepting a compromised solution."

David appreciates that PYS is a full-solution provider. He says, from his personal experience, that many people in the marine service industry are only too willing to do a quick partial job, just the minimum to get by, rather than taking the time to look at the entire picture and do the right job, providing a full solution after considering all aspects and areas impacted, not just the specific job at hand. PYS was very clear and did advise him at the beginning of their relationship that their service would involve more time, resulting in higher costs, but the work would be done completely and correctly.

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