Grand Banks Europa 47 - "Good Times"

When it was time for the battery system on their 47-foot Grand Banks Europa, Good Times, to be changed, they knew who to call. As the work progressed, PYS regularly kept them in the loop and took the time to explain what they were doing. "If I didn't get it the first time," says Bryan, "they kept explaining until they were sure I did!" PYS also followed up at the end of the project, to make sure everything was working properly.

"PYS are really service-oriented," says Bryan. "and there were fewer wires in my boat at the end of the project than when they started."

Bryan and Donna were impressed that PYS lived within their quote and parameters for the project. Bryan adds that many people in the boating business have been doing things a certain way for years and years and are reluctant to give firm quotes. But with such an expensive project "There's a reason for all the jokes about boats," he quips, people need to know what it's going to cost.