Grand Banks 48 Europa - "Grande Adventure"

When Frank and his brother were out on the water with Grande Adventure, a Grand Banks, navigation could be a bit tricky—they could see other boats on the chartplotter, but they knew other boats couldn’t see them. And a planned trip to Alaska could have resulted in problems if the one depth sounder on board failed to work.

Pacific Yacht Systems started by fixing the Garmin 7215 MFD so it worked as it should, then added a second depth sounder, as well as an Intellian i4 satellite TV system, and also provided a cellular to Wi-Fi modem and a much-needed cell booster. Now they can enjoy high-speed internet and cell phone connections throughout most of the coast.

"PYS earned our trust right off the bat," says Frank. "When you talk to them, they know what they’re talking about. Jeff is that type of guy: a trustworthy fellow."

Frank was impressed with PYS’ level of service, which he describes as super. “If you leave a message for them,” he remarks, “just as you put the phone down, they’re calling back.”