Grand Banks 42 - "Widgeon 1"

Don and Kathy love being on Widgeon 1, their 42-foot Grand Banks, a long-distance trawler. They are also avid sports fans, so they approached Pacific Yacht Systems about getting satellite TV (Intellian i4) for their boat.

The PYS solution bumped it up another notch: with a Telus Smart Hub on board, they not only watch their favorite teams, but they have mobile high-speed internet and cell phone connection, too. This lets them keep up with current events when they’re on the water for a few days. “We’re not about disappearing and dropping out,” Kathy says.

"It makes it fun when we can watch the Lions and Canucks while we’re out on the water," says Kathy. "And with satellite TV and internet connection, we use the boat more, even if we don’t leave the dock."

An added bonus: gone is the typical old TV screen next to a pile of DVDs and stack of books. Now Don and Kathy can watch current movies and download books for their e-reader, eliminating a lot of clutter.

They describe their experience with PYS as “fantastic—PYS loves boating as much as the rest of us do.”