Custom Houseboat 50

Toby’s dream was to design a boat from the ground up, and he wanted to include solar, high output alternators, a shore power receptacle, and an inverter/charger system.  He also wanted to incorporate Firefly carbon foam batteries and a battery monitor with the ability to grow the system if he wanted to add additional solar or batteries at a later date. 

A PYS Technician focused on the project objectives and how Toby would use his boat as a live-aboard.  Together they itemized all of the building blocks, and PYS created a one-line schematic organizing all of the components. 

"PYS Techs helped me immeasurably.  It is worth it to spend the money upfront to understand the concepts and create a practical design. I just spent the summer away from the dock aboard Wassailer, and the electrical system performed flawlessly, in significant part to PYS.  Thank you so much."