Catalina 36 MkII - "Adagio"

While crossing Georgia Strait Mark got caught in a fog bank—he didn't know if a freighter was coming down on him.  He knew it was time to install radar on his 36' Catalina Adagio.

When designing the layout for the radar Pacific Yacht Systems' Jeff Cote noticed that the cabling to the Adagio navigation system was sub-par. The system wasn't able to carry enough power for radar, instruments, and the chartplotter. Since reliability was top priority Mark decided to improve the electrical system.

Mark appreciates that PYS takes the time to look at the big picture—asking lots of questions and figuring out areas to improve systems.

"Jeff is as much a teacher as an installer - he helps people learn about their boat," says Mark. "Everything we did, I knew exactly why we were doing it and how it fit in to the big picture. Now I want a larger battery bank so I can enjoy more comforts onboard Adagio." 

On Adagio the house batteries and starter batteries were connected. Jeff separated them, which protects the starter battery for engine starting. Mark was tired of continuously running the engine to recharge the batteries. Jeff installed a new alternator and regulator to efficiently charge the batteries.

The PYS improvements weren't all about safety, the inverter gave the crew some creature comforts. They now can run the TV and coffee pot even when they're not connected to shore power.

Mark also likes the great follow up—"I inadvertently set a wrong switch for the battery and thought it was a flat, PYS came down and got it sorted out free of charge. They really care that everything is working well."

Although the new electrical system hasn't made a difference to sailing or performance, it's given Mark a lot more confidence in his boat. He and Nancy are planning longer trips, maybe up to Desolation Sound. His ultimate goal is to circumnavigate Vancouver Island—and now his boat isn't holding him back.