Catalina 34 MK II - "Vita Brevis"

Deborah and Jerry had owned Vita Brevis a 34-foot Catalina, for three years and in that time had not had a single successful boating season. Every year they encountered another problem and found they were hoping for the best whenever they left the dock. On more occasions than they care to remember, problems with the boat’s electrical system caused them grief. For example, on one occasion the windlass didn’t work, while another time the engine would not start after a night at anchor.

When Jerry first approached Pacific Yacht Systems, he had already spent a lot of time planning how to make the boat’s electrical and navigation systems more consistent and reliable. PYS understood where he wanted to go, but suggested first laying a strong foundation, rather than just adding bells and whistles to the existing system.

"Instead of installing $10,000 worth of ‘toys," says Jerry, "PYS emphasized the importance of first laying out a simple and reliable electrical system. And that was absolutely the right thing to do. PYS did a fantastic job of designing and installing our DC electrical system."

Now, with new wiring, navigation and communications systems,  Deborah and Jerry’s boating experience has changed completely. Their confidence level has “increased by 100 percent,” Vita Brevis works flawlessly, and they can actually get a good night’s sleep on the boat.