Catalina 30 - "Fantasea II"

Arnie took a boat maintenance course where PYS made a presentation. "Everyone in the class was impressed with their knowledge," he says. When he learned that PYS would conduct an audit on a boat's electrical system, and for a reasonable cost, he decided that would be useful to have for his 30-foot Catalina, Fantasea II.

PYS presented Arnie with a prioritized list of issues to be dealt with, starting with safety (a big concern for Arnie, as he takes his grandchildren boating). And safety, on PYS' terms, meant not just making sure the wiring was done properly, but also knowing that things would work the way they should when Arnie needed them to work. PYS installed a SMART plug and 3 phase battery charger system and redid the engine wiring. "It was a mess," says Arnie. They also installed new batteries, rewiring them with proper fusing.

"PYS really know their way around the electrical part of the boat," states Arnie.

Arnie no longer has any concerns about an electrical fire on his boat, and he's confident that he can start the engine at any time, even when he's at a dock with no power.